Wholesale distribution is crucial to the retail chain. To thrive in this business, one must have a keen sense of salesmanship. But it’s not just the buying and selling aspect of the business that needs to be taken care of. For it to be successful and profitable, wholesale distribution must be supported by a seamlessly functioning operational system—from storage to after-sales support.


Accutask can help ensure that everything is running smoothly through an easy-to-use digital platform. It enables entrepreneurs and managers to maximize their time and improve productivity by organizing and syncing tasks.


With Accutask, you can level up your wholesale distribution business through a system that helps you:

  • Ensure timely payments to suppliers and collection from clients;
  • Update financial records;
  • Monitor progress of deliveries;
  • Assess business relationship with clients and suppliers;
  • Delegate tasks and track progress;
  • Communicate and collaborate better with members of the team;
  • Set meetings and organize events; and
  • Oversee operations remotely.


Let Accutask help you run a competitive and profitable business. Get started now.