When it’s a good idea to delegate a task

Delegation is usually a good idea when it’s done properly, but that does not mean that you should delegate everything. To decide when task delegation is most suitable there are four key questions you need to address:

1-   Is there another person who has (or can be taught) the required information or know-how to do the task? In other words, is this a task that someone else can do just as good, or is it important that you should be doing it yourself?

2-    Is this a recurring task, that will come up again in a comparable form, in the future?

3-    Is there enough time to hand over the job successfully? There needs to be adequate time for sufficient training, questions and answers, opportunities to check advancement, and for revising if that is needed.

4-    How critical is this a task for long-term success? Tasks critical for the long run (for example, hiring the right people for your company) really do need your personal attention. Usually it’s not a good idea to delegate them.


There are some other factors that contribute to the validating the option of task delegation which include:

  • What is the available time to finish the work?
  • Is there time to recreate the work if it’s not done correctly the first time around?
  • What will be the consequences of not finishing the project on time?
  • How imperative is it that the results are of the maximum possible excellence?
  • Is a “good enough” result, good enough?
  • If there would be a project failure would it be crucial?
  • How much would the failure of this project impact other things?


It must be stated that, even after having all these conditions at hand there is still no guarantee that the delegated work will be accomplished effectively. There are also other factors to consider like to whom you will delegate the task (making sure the person has the matching skills needed for the task) and how you will do it so that it’s clearly understood and agreed on.

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