The 7 steps that ensure project success

These 7 steps are proven to work wonders for achieving regular project success. After you read through this article, I encourage you to think about your own business processes and share your thoughts on what your steps are (or should be) that work well for you or others in your association.

1. Organized Documentation & Communication
Every project must begin with good documentation and communication of priorities and expectations to the team members. This will increase their understanding of what’s expected of them and increase their likelihood of on time completion of tasks.

2. No-Nonsense Management of the Schedule
Deadlines need to be set and agreed on from the start of the project. Then you need to manage the schedule firmly and the best way to keep it on track is to make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them and the time it’s expected.

3. Supervise the scope of the project Just as closely
It’s normal that project details will keep on changing. So it’s important to manage the changes closely to avoid surprises. Make sure to adjust deadlines based on changes so it does not negatively impact the schedule and the budget of the project.

4. Keep the Customer in the loop
A consistent, co-management situation with the customer of the project with quick distribution of any critical information will keep the customer engaged and informed. Always be honest and open with the customer – it’s their money and it’s their project that you’re managing.

5. Go with Reusable management practices
Repeatable processes and templates are vital to building a solid PMO that will facilitate ongoing project successes. Without this, the basis of the project success is very shaky depending on your memory, and usually the results will not be the way they should be.

6. Project delivery as estimated

Dependable delivery of expected information, reports, updated budget status, issues/risks lists will help keep the project on track and as a side benefit it will ensure that you have a very satisfied customer.

7. Locate and preserve the best resources
Retention of capable and essential project resources is significant for ongoing success. Outline and document the right skill sets, get the resources, and work very hard to keep them they should be available when needed for other important projects and tasks.



The truth is that no list of fundamentals can ever guarantee project success, no matter how strongly it is managed. Issues should always be expected as projects vary, risks exist, issues happen and things will affect the project that you never anticipated could happen. For this reason using a system like GoPlan, with its many features like scheduling and collaboration, will assist in keeping you structured and minimize unexpected issues.

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