Telecommunication companies manage multiple projects on a regular basis, on top of daily customer service and administrative concerns. Accutask can help centralize all these tasks into one standardized platform. This easy-to-use digital solution is ideal for managing multiple teams with different timelines and deliverables.


Accutask enables project leads to look at the progress of a campaign or a customer service concern on a daily basis, and assess its large scale impact by looking at a weekly or monthly workflow report. Accutask is also an effective tool for communication and collaboration, and helps promote greater accountability for each team member’s output.


Whether you are a frontliner or a digital marketing specialist, Accutask can help you:

  • Organize and monitor customer service concerns;
  • Plan, execute and assess marketing campaigns;
  • Strategize content for PR and social media;
  • Track finances including payments to suppliers, project budgets, revenue and taxes;
  • Eliminate redundancies and identify causes of delays;
  • Streamline approval process for faster turnaround;
  • Aid in the evaluation of staff performance; and
  • Delegate tasks remotely, among others.


Let Accutask help you achieve better business results through project management that works. Get started now.