In the competitive arena of real estate, having an organized and efficient system to get things done can help you stand out from competitors. Accutask empowers you with an easy-to-use online platform so you can identify and pursue leads, execute sales and marketing campaigns and close a deal—all while you’re on-the-go. Accutask lets you work remotely so you can maximize your time, without missing out on important tasks.


The real estate industry is an exciting but complex web of interconnected functions and teams. Using Accutask can help agents, marketers or administrative heads ensure that each vertical is running smoothly. It is also a valuable tool for communication and collaboration among teammates, enabling each member to easily follow through on tasks assigned to them.


With Accutask, you can:

  • Oversee sales and marketing campaigns;
  • Cross-check budget and financial reports;
  • Monitor teams;
  • Follow through on potential clients and manage current ones; and
  • Track sales performance, among others.


Let Accutask help you grow your business. Get started now.