Marketing companies take advantage of accutask’s special features to manage their large range of Projects they need to deal with every day. Accutask gives the ability to easily create and manage Projects and Tasks in one easy to use system. Accutask makes your work straightforward and productive by giving all team members the right tools to get work done on time.

Accutask helps Marketing companies collaborate easily, send messages and share ideas all in one platform.

With accutask you will never miss a Marketing deadline again. Marketing experts know how much time they have to get their Projects and Tasks done with allocated hours and Start and Due Dates. Progress can also be monitored and Reported on.

Web providers, Advertising Agencies, Graphic Designers, Print Designers, Architects, Multimedia Studios, use our system to:

  • Delegate Work to the appropriate parties
  • Manage workers, Clients and Contractors
  • Record and supervise Time Allocated & Spent
  • Examine Projects and Analyze Reports
  • Setup & View Events on the Calendar
  • Get Work Done Remotely
  • and much more…