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Managing Tasks

Dec, 12 52
Tasks are the action items that need to be worked on and completed for a project to be successful. Task categories serve to group tasks together. To keep things organized, you can create task categories first, then create tasks under these categories. As with projects and project categories, ...

Repeating Tasks

Nov, 11 39
You have the ability to set tasks to repeat at specific intervals. Before setting a task to repeat, you will first need to make sure you have a due date set for the task. When editing the task, you will see the circular arrow as one of the tabs for the task details, and under this tab you can ...

About Tasks

Nov, 11 22
Tasks are similar to items on a to-do list. They keep track of action items that need to be worked on and completed. Once all tasks are completed, the project can also be considered as completed. Tasks have many attributes that help you manage them more efficiently and effectively. You can assign...