Logging On to / Off from AccuTask

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To Log On to AccuTask

  1. Go to https://app.accutask.com/login. Proceed to Step 2.
    Image showing the workspace sign-in page
    Complete the workspace URL or account alias, then click Continue.

    Alternatively, go to https://<workspace URL>.accutask.com/login, where <workspace URL> is the account alias you entered when you created your account. Skip to Step 3.

  2. Enter your workspace URL, then click Continue.
  3. On the next page, enter your email ID and password, then click Login Now or press Enter on your keyboard to sign on to AccuTask.

    Image showing the login screen
    Enter your email ID and password, then click Login Now.

To Log Off from AccuTask

  1. Click Profile on the Main menu.

    Image showing the Profile menu's Logout button
    On the Main Menu, click Profile, then Logout.
  2. Click Logout.
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