No other organization is as intricate and as multifaceted as the government. Such a complex web of administration requires a system of organization that will help streamline processes and ensure productivity.


Accutask can help government agencies deliver the public services required of them, in the most efficient way possible. Pre-set workflows are valuable tools—from department heads to rank-and-file staff—that promote better time management and greater accountability for one’s output.


Accutask can be used to supplement an existing system of organization or as a starting point for a project management initiative. It can be used to:

  • Track procurement of supplies—from supplier bids to receipt and payment of goods and services;
  • Facilitate better coordination among cross-functioning teams;
  • Monitor weekly and monthly progress of projects and campaigns;
  • Evaluate staff performance;
  • Mobilize an ad hoc committee for events;
  • Assess effectiveness of projects through quantifiable results; and
  • Minimize backlogs and delays, among others.


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