What goes on inside the classroom is just one part of a complex process that teachers, administrators and school staff navigate on a regular basis. Accutask can help industry professionals in the field of education structure and rationalize these processes for better output.


Maximizing work hours can be challenging when there are overlapping tasks to accomplish and teams to coordinate with. With Accutask, easy-to-use workflows can help facilitate better coordination among teams, organize large volumes of data, monitor supplies and equipment, track students’ and teachers’ performance, and ensure overall productivity.


Accutask is useful for:

  • Aligning lesson plans;
  • Evaluating academic and professional performance of students and staff;
  • Facilitating exchange of ideas;
  • Monitoring procurement and use of school and office supplies;
  • Delegating tasks;
  • Organizing seasonal projects and activities; and
  • Minimizing backlogs and delays, among others.


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