Communicating changes to your team.

Managers need to know that, whether it be a new tool, software, or workflow, it is very essential that all team members are aware of changes before they happen. It is also helpful to converse with your team about why these changes are crucial for efficiency and welcome any feedback. When employees also see the benefit in change, they are willing to learn and adapt. Too often, I see Managers or Decision Makers move forward with a new tool or workflow without giving the team a heads up prior. In turn, adoption of this new tool/system/workflow becomes a struggle due to lack of buy in and begin to resist change. This typically leads to a failed process.

When you have great project management processes in place, you’ll be able to grow from there. Once your team is in the groove of using a project management tool, communicating effectively, and completing their work on time, then you can start to build on that foundation and introduce new processes with those key skills as the basis. Improving your project management starts today.

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