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“We’re here to help business owners & managers become more productive, more powerful, and more PROFITABLE with an all-in-one project management + CRM tool built for their industry.”
David Klein, Accutask Founder and CEO

If you’re a living, breathing homo sapiens, your time + money is limited.
That’s why you can’t afford to start at the bottom — and spend all of 9-5 keeping tabs on your team (“what are you up to?”), micromanaging projects (“did you make the edit on version 1.3?”), and updating ugly, scary spreadsheets (let’s not even go there).

You want to automate your systems and build idiot-proof processes (so you can start scaling), but documenting all that takes WEEKS.

You want to lay it all out so onboarding your next employee won’t take 5 weeks (like it did last time), but the thought of building 27 workflows makes you reach for 3 TYLENOLS. (<—extra strength)

You need a tool that…

  • Was built for YOUR industry (because ready-to-go workflows are, like, glorious)
  • Bundles all your needs in ONE (because your grey matter’s gonna BURST if you add even one more software to the mix)
  • Requires NO degree in rocket science (because this is supposed make your life EASIER.)

We get it…because we’ve been there.
Hi! I’m David Klein, founder and CEO of Accutask.

I started helping businesses back in 2000 — when people “surfed the web” and Y2K was set to destroy the world and anyone who was someone had an AOL address.

Eventually, I grew my business into a full-service marketing firm. A self-professed productivity nut, I tried quite a few PM systems — but each had its own flaws.

I found myself seriously frustrated by the lack of a slam-dunk product. Eventually, I decided I’d be the one to create it.

I purchased GoPlan App, a popular PM tool launched in 2009 that served over 20K clients.
My team did extensive research to figure out what bothers people most about the existing apps.
We built a new system based on the concepts of GoPlanApp to meet the real needs of real people. We kept the good stuff (solid database structure) and revamped the other stuff (new code, new design, new features).
We launched Accutask, and the feedback we’ve been getting has been THRILLING.

People describe Accutask as a product that offers the benefits of all and the flaws of none.

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